AIDS Orphans Are Living in Extreme Poverty

Because of pride, chinese local government official didn't accept financial support for AIDS children welfare from the central government and non-government organizations.
( [email protected] ) Jan 06, 2005 12:06 AM EST

According to the South Chinese Morning Post, the founder of the Beijing Care Youth Education Research Center, Chougrun Wang, who has visited 20 villages by the disease in Henan provinces reported that AIDS orphans are living in extreme poverty. Because of pride, the local government official didn't accept the financial support of children welfare from the central government and non-governmental organizations.

Chougrun Wang said although the children were suffering and have barely enough to live, local officials rejected offerings from organizations like his.

He gave a case that a local official has asked a child from his education center to pretend image that children are living in the Loving Houses during the central government officials inspections.

An advocator of Children Rights noted that in some case some AIDS parents left the children with their grandparents in order to find job in others cities.

Chougrun Wang stated that the children, who are living by themselves or with grandparents, remain in extreme poverty in Nanyang, Zhumadian and Shangqiu. The children's average ages are between eight and fifteen. They are living in unhygienic house and wearing threadbare clothes. Most of them do not get any more education after elementary school. In addition, many teenagers does not even know if they are HIV positive were forced to leave their hometown to find jobs in the cities to support their family.

According to the official figures, the number of AIDS orphans is around 60,000, but it is expected to reach 260,000 in next six years. Moreover, According to the United Nations Fund, as a result of the growing number of AIDS, there are 70,000 to 80,000 AIDS orphans