Chinese Worldwide Continue Tsunami-Relief Efforts

( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2005 05:38 PM EST

A little over one month since the killer-tsunami swept over Asia, Chinese all over the world are continuing to find ways to aid monumental reconstruction works. The tsunami, claiming the lives of about 178,000 people, left many homeless.

Last week, the State Post Bureau of China issued stamps commemorating Chinese relief works. At the issuing ceremony, the head of the State Post Bureau donated five million yuan (602,410 US dollars) to the Chinese Red Cross Association. The Chinese Red Cross is currently active in aiding relief efforts in South and Southeast Asia.

In San Francisco, the Salvation Army Chinatown Corp will host a two-day tsunami-relief event starting this Saturday evening. The evening’s entertainment will be led by various musicians from San Francisco’s Chinese community.

According to U.N. reports, one out of eight children from Indonesia’s Aceh region go without food for days. The report also revealed that disease and starvation continues to haunt the camps, and that relief distribution remains inconsistent. Additional reports indicate that relief-work remains a monumental task in areas where all forms of infrastructure ranging from schools to government buildings have been destroyed or severely damaged. To this date, various organizations and relief groups are undergoing arduous reconstruction efforts in tsunami-devastated regions.