Christian Fundation Established to Protect Traditional Ethics

Earlier this week, a group of Chinese-American Christian leaders established a fundation to encourage growth in active social care.
( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2005 10:50 PM EST

Earlier this week, a group of Chinese-American Christian leaders established a fundation in order to motivate Chinese Christians to parcitipate more actively in social-concern.

According to their statement, the "Christian Social Endeavor Foundation" was motivated by the decaying social value of today's society. The statement listed the declining 'traditional values in family' as being a subject of great concern.

Moreover, the statement also expressed concern over the church's decline in social influence. The charter members hope to raise money with this fundation, so as to raise awareness for public, social, and family-ethics concerns amongst Chinese Christians.

The charter members include Reverend Thomas Wang, President of the Great Commission Center International, Reverend Pak-Cheung Lo, Director of the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, Reverend Fang-he Chou, General Director of the New York Theological Education Center, Reverend Mou-sing Yun, President of the Support Traditional Marriage of 1 Man & 1 Woman Association, Reverend Timothy M. Lin, General Director of the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism, and other wellknown Chinese-American Christian leaders from the whole nation.

Last year, most of the participating members were leading voices in the campaign for protecting 1 man & 1 woman marriage traditions in the Chinese-American Christian community.

The fundation will go towards creating a ministry department, fund-raising departments, a politics and law department, a propaganda department, a publication department, a physic department, a tutorship department, and an information and technology department.

The leaders hope that they will monitor ethical issues from different perspectives, rectify the ethic problems arising in education system, and protect traditional family throughout the legislation.