Two Sermons Broadcasted Live From Hong Kong Baptist University

The Media Evangelism Limited Broadcasts Sermons Live From HK Baptist Universtity
( [email protected] ) Feb 08, 2005 12:27 AM EST

The Media Evangelism Limited broadcasted two sermons at the Hong Kong Baptist University. The two sermons were titled "I Want to Say, I Love You" and "Treasuring People around You." The event ended on the afternoon of February 6.

During the sermons, the Media Evangelism Limited broadcasted segments of testimonies from the tsunami-disaster zones.

Pastor Zongwen Wu, director of the Evangelical Free Church of China (EFCC)and head pastor of Kong Fok Church, and Pastor Ende Lou, director of the Tiendao organization each delivered a sermon on life. After the sermons, around 30 people came forward to accept Christ as their saviour. In addition, many Christians said that they felt new strength in their faith.

In the middle of his sermon, Pastor Zongwen Wu talked about the tsunami. He said that many people were suffering in the doubts that God love them, especially after the tsunami occured. Pastor Wu addressed this concern with a quote from the Book of Psalms, "For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime." Through this message found in Psalms 30:5, he said, people can experience comfort in the love and grace of God.

Pastor Lou said during his sermon that many will flock to the temples to worship idols for the coming Chinese New Year. However, he said, those idols have never stepped forward to say they were gods. So, if people cannot have hope and peace in a real God, he added, then how can they have real joy?

After the sermon, many people voluntarily stood in front of the camera to give messages of love to their families, spouses, and friends.

The broadcasted material included of these messages and will be played on Creation TV for the upcoming Chinese New Year.