Pastor Urges West Coast Chinese Christians to Rally For Protection of Marriage

Reverend Thomas Wang of Great Commission Center International asks Chinese Christian in the United States to rally against AB 19
( [email protected] ) Feb 10, 2005 02:57 AM EST

Last week, Reverend Thomas Wang, director of Great Commission Center International, issued a letter asking California’s Christian Chinese community to rally behind the Campaign for Children and Family (CCF). “This is a crucial issue of today. Please pray and participate,” he wrote.

The “Keep Your Hands Off Marriage” rally on Feb. 14 is part of recent CCF efforts oppose the California State Legislature’s considerations to pass the AB 19 “homosexual marriage license” bill. Since December of last year, several state assemblymen pushed for a redefinition of existing state law’s definition of marriage as “a civil contract between a man and a woman” through the AB 19 bill. The new bill would, if passed, redefine marriage as simply a civil contract between 2 persons. This in effect, says many pro-family groups, would make the definition of marriage open to interpretation, thus allowing for homosexual-union in California.

According to CCF, the new bill will destroy progress made through Prop. 22. The proposition, passed in 2000, had called for the State of California to define marriage as civil contract between one and one woman. That year, Proposition 22 had garnered the support of more than 60% of California’s voters, says CCF website.

The rally will be organized behind a series of gatherings taking place in various cities in the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area. The main rally scheduled for Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 will take place at the State Capitol of Sacramento. Reverend Wang will be accompanied by Reverend George Kao of Los Angeles for the rallies in Oakland and San Jose scheduled for Feb. 15.