Two Hong Kong NGOs Host 30-hour Fast for Poverty

( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2005 01:58 AM EST

February 15, World Vision Hong Kong and Chi Zha 903 hosted the “Famine 30” Campaign inauguration to collect funds for the poor in developing countries, and to encourage active participation in relief work. The motto for the “Famine 30” Campaign is “Give Hope to Children Through Love.”

The sponsored campaign will feature a camping event scheduled for the April 23 thru 24 at the Aberdeen athletic field. This activity, the two organizations promise, will allow Hong Kong citizens to get a taste of poverty. Participants will be asked to fast 30 hours to experience the same hunger that many impoverished people feel in developing countries.

In addition, camp participants also have the option of giving out funds towards tsunami-relief. Nonetheless, all participants are required to give an advance-donation of HK$1,500. For children, the cost is set at HK$1,000. The money collected from the initial donations will go toward tsunami-relief care.

Meizhu Ding, the Hong Kong World Vision vice-manager, said that the tsunami claimed many lives. She added, “We are distressed [about] this serious disaster. However, 25,000 people have lost their lives to hunger every day.”

Nonetheless, she expressed optimism for Hong Kong’s citizens. She expressed hopes that they will keep the passion to help more and more people will only the motive of love.