Hong Kong Pro-Family Groups Urge Public Support

In response to a legislative proposal to pass a new pro-gay law, various Hong Kong pro-family groups urge the public to mobilize in protection of traditional marriage.
( [email protected] ) Feb 22, 2005 08:00 PM EST

In the past days, leading faith-based pro-family groups in Hong Kong have been urging the general public to take action against a recent legislative proposal to pass the Anti-Sexual Orientation Discrimination Law. The law, if passed by the legislative council, will offer government protection for the practice of homosexuality.

Groups currently disapproving of the new proposal include the Hong Kong Alliance for Family (HKAF), the Hong Kong Gender Culture Society (HKGCS), and the Concern Group for the Anti-Sexual Orientation Discrimination Legislation.

In April, the Home Affair Bureau plans to conduct a public survey in order to gauge the general public sentiments in regards to this issue. Whether the Legislative Council will pass or not pass the Anti-Sexual Orientation Discrimination law will be based on results released from this survey, government sources say.

Since last October, the legislature revealed its intention to legislate an anti-sexual orientation discrimination law for the first time. Pro-family sources say that this recent move by the government came as a result of a rise in pro-gay activity in Hong Kong over the years.

Just last year, two Christian-sponsored workshops for rehabilitating former-gays were openly attacked by various pro-gay groups in Hong Kong. Those attacking the workshops issued angry-statements stating that the workshops promoted discrimination against homosexuals.

In recent months, various pro-gay groups have lobbied for protection from discrimination in order to protect the ‘rights’ of homosexuals.

Some sources, however, have pointed out that the current homosexuality issue is not an issue concerning human rights and discrimination, but an issue of confronting sexual-immorality in society.

“We don't discriminate against gays and lesbians,” said a HKGCS spokesman. The spokesman explained that homosexuals already enjoy the same basic human rights most Hong Kong citizens enjoy. “There is no need to bring forward a controversial law that will bring nothing but danger to our society,” the spokesman added.

In addition, pro-family groups have also issued statements saying that the new law will, in effect, deprive many from enjoying certain freedom of expression, especially with that of practicing morality and ethics.

“All the voices against homosexuality will be muffled. Is this what a 'multi-culturally [tolerant] society' means?” said HKGCS spokesman. The spokesman added that the legislative council should act out of public interests, instead of acting as a “moral police” pushing for its own hidden agendas.

As of now, pro-family organizations have issued appeals to the public to send letters to voice their stance on this issue. Naming the campaign, “One Person, One Letter Against the Anti-Sexual Orientation Discrimination Legislation,” pro-family groups are calling on individuals to send letters to the Home Affair Bureau, the Chief Executive Office, and the Equal Opportunities Commission to protect the traditional values of marriage in Hong Kong.