2005 Taipei Lantern Festival in Taipei City.

The stories in the life of Jesus Christ are displayed through the ordering of the lantern series.
( [email protected] ) Feb 25, 2005 04:23 AM EST

Using the name ‘Ten Color Light Dance Taipei City’, the 2005 Taipei lantern festival officially began on the 25th when the main light was lit, which usually lasts for 9 days. For the first time, the Taipei lantern festival was held at the stadium by the Taipei City Hall. The coordinating department works diligently to surpass the past barriers and hopes to achieve the standard of making it as an international lantern holiday.

Yesterday was the first of lantern festival and the weather has just turned from the extreme cold weather of Taipei City to the normal warm temperature, which drew thousands of people gathered on the streets to watch the lanterns. The Department of Civil Affairs estimated that the number of present lantern viewers has already surpassed 200,000 people.

The foundation, sponsored by a charity fund of the VIA Technologies, Inc, supported this event. The projects displayed the life of Jesus in a chronological order starting from His birth in the manger, miracles of healing sick people, five bread and two fish and exorcism, crucifixion, resurrection till ascension, introducing the most important story in the life of Jesus.