Christian Leaders Call on Continued Support for Canada in Post-Election Period

While most Chinese Christian leaders welcome the emerging Canadian leader Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party, they call on continued support for Canada in the post-election period.
( [email protected] ) Jan 25, 2006 10:10 AM EST

While most Chinese Christian leaders welcome the emerging Canadian leader Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party, they call on continued support for Canada in the post-election period.

As many Chinese Christians and conservative evangelicals have concerned about the same-sex marriage bill approved last year by the ruling Liberal Party, the new Conservative government is expected to overthrow the legislation. The major concern of most Chinese pastors is that the Conservatives' winning margin is too narrow to rule with a majority.

According to the Associated Press, the final results for the 308-seat House showed Conservatives with 124 seats, Liberals with 103 and the remaining seats go to the Bloc Quebecois, New Democratic Party and Independent.

Chinese Christian Mission U.S.A (CCMUSA) chairman Rev. Paul Chan welcomed the election result. He commented that the Liberal Party has been leading Canada in the past and its viewpoint on same-sex marriage contradicts the teaching of the Bible. When the Conservative Party emerges as the new force; it maybe able to guide the nation back on track to traditional moral values in long term.

Yet, Chan emphasized, "This is a minority win. There is still a long way to go for the Conservative Party to change the politics and culture of Canada."

The Toronto-based Chinese Christian charity Jubilee Center for Christian Social Action (JCCSA), which has collaborated with churches to organize educational campaigns for Chinese Christian voters, has echoed the same concern, describing the minority Conservative government remains "unstable."

Chairman of JCCSA Rev. Dominic Tse said, "Reversing the same-sex marriage legislation is not a one-step process. In long-term, more Christians should become the members of the Parliament and to participate in politics. If there are more Christians in each political party to influence the rest of the party, in long term they will be able to determine the party’s platform from generation to generation."

"But it is a very long path," concluded Tse.

Tse encouraged churches to continue to work hard in order to raise the public awareness for the controversial issues, such as same-sex marriage. Christians should not give up their concern for the election but they must understand each party even more deeply.

"Christian organizations are not supposed to cooperate with the good political party only. But they must play the role of a prophet in this era. They are to encourage and support parties that are doing well, and to criticize and guide those that are not on the right track," said Tse.

Tse urges Christians to pray for the new leader of Canada Stephen Harper that he can gain wisdom and uphold justice in decision-making.

Chan from CCMUSA also pointed out the importance of prayer in post-election period. Not only Christians should pray individually, but churches should unite together in prayers. He complimented the joint prayer network built in Vancouver for the federal election, which has involved both Chinese Christian churches and Canadian churches.

Although the Canadian government has not been leading the country according to the teachings of the Bible, the prayer alertness of churches is very strong, through which churches are able to offer guidance and encouragement to the general public, Chan commented.

In face of similar social and moral chaos in the United States, rather than staging demonstration, Chan suggested the churches in the United States to follow the example of their Canadian counterpart and have a "united concern of prayer."

"Nothing will happen without the support of prayers. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms," said Chan.

"Indeed, the fact that the minority Conservative government was able to gain victory this time is a miracle. It is absolutely impossible 20 years ago," he added.

Besides, Chan pointed out the importance of joint collaboration between Chinese churches and American churches. The voice of Chinese churches is not sufficient, so they must participate with other churches in America to firmly declare their common grounds and issue joint statements to influence the government.

CCMUSA, with the focus of direct evangelism, pledges to stay faithful in its role to bring the Gospel to every nation. In face of social and political challenges, it will try its best to support the related campaigns launched by other organizations. CCMUSA will also promote the awareness of various social issues among Christians through its long-standing literature ministry.