Taiwan Hosts World Vision World Children's Sports Games

TAIPEI- World Vision World Children’s Sports Game promotes love between people of different colors, races and ethnicities among the second generation.
( [email protected] ) Apr 08, 2006 01:42 PM EDT

TAIPEI- World Vision World Children’s Sports Game in Taiwan promotes love between people of different colors, races and ethnicities among the second generation.

Starting on April 8, some 350 World Vision sponsored children, aged 12-15, from 12 countries- Mongolia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Malawi, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Taiwan - are plunged into tense competitions at the sports ground of the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei.

Presented at the opening ceremony, executive director of World Vision Taiwan, Hank Du, first explained the meanings behind the event.

"Being representatives of needy children around the world, this group of children is here to advocate for all children’s rights to basic survival, education and recreation," said Du. "With our support, these children would grow up to become the light of our future. Though some may think they need our sympathy, I believe what they need is our friendship. Let’s make friends with children of the world."

Premier Su Tseng-Chang, Mayor of Taipei City Ma Ying-Jeo, Ambassadors of the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, First Secretaries of the Embassy of the Republic of Honduras and the Republic of Malawi are among the honorable guests who attended the opening ceremony and cheered for the children.

Premier Su highlighted the emphasis of World Vision Taiwan in overseas work, "World Vision Taiwan has done a lot of work in Taiwan and overseas, channeling our resources to over 70 needy countries.

By co-hosting the sports games, World Vision is enabling children 12 nations to make friends with one another. I encourage my people in Taiwan to give your love to different parts of the world,"

He said, "Children, regardless of their colors or looks, are all lovely. However, some are overweight because of consuming too much food, while others do not have enough food, clean water, education, and not to mention the opportunity of participating in sports."

Mayor Ma echoed the concern over the need of the vulnerable in the world after greeting the teams in Chinese, English, Spanish and French. He said that World Vision, as a worldwide network, "has extended its work to the world, helping alleviate pains of millions of children who have no shelter, sanitation facilities, health care and education so that they can have a decent living."

There are mainly two kinds of competitions in the Sports Game 2006, namely football and basketball. Regardless of victory and failure in the games, the young players embraced each other and gained mutual comfort and encouragement.

With support of Taiwan sponsors and donors, the children who came to participate in the sports games are able to go to school, enjoy clean water and health care, as well as engage in play and recreational activities.

World Vision Taiwan urges people to "be friends with children of the world" and continue to support children in poverty or conflicts, street children and children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The World Children’s Sports Game will close on Sunday, April 9.