Thousands Petition Against Trafficking on World Vision Tour

( [email protected] ) May 17, 2007 02:32 PM EDT

Over 1,100 handprint ‘signatures’ have been added to a petition led by World Vision during its national anti-trafficking music tour.

The petition calls on the Government to take more decisive action to stamp out human trafficking.

Mixing music and a serious message about the plight of millions of trafficked men, women and children, the World Vision Stop the Traffik tour visited six venues with rock band Replenish, national youth speaker Mark Ritchie, with support from The Gentlemen and Abundant Life's youth band RPM.

Present at each event was a 30-metre long 'wall' which concert-goers were encouraged to 'sign' by using inked handprints.

Replenish front man Ross Gill said, "We travelled to Albania with World Vision last year and met some children who had been trafficked and later rescued. This tour was all about speaking up for those children and the thousands of others who are affected each year.

“It was fantastic to see such a great response from kids in the UK too - speaking out on behalf of their peers in other countries who have no voice of their own."

At least 600,000 people are trafficked internationally each year and many more are trafficked within country borders, with a large number of these being children.