A New Generation of Christian Professionals

May 10, 2003 03:53 PM EDT

President of CB International Hanz Finzel explains the presence of a new breed of missionaries. "For years we've thought, if you're really going to be a long term missionary you've got to go to Bible college or seminary. But, we're finding today, in the closed countries it's actually a liability to have a degree from a Bible college or a seminary. And, in the closed places, which are often the most needy places where the least evangelized are, we're looking for a whole new generation of Christian professionals who have a skill to offer that can get them in the door." Finzel says CB International is looking for people that have been successful in industry, small business, education, or the medical field. "Perhaps they want a shift in career later in life. Moving from what we call success to significance. We're definitely looking for these kinds of people, with marketplace skills, that we can place in restricted access countries."

By Pauline J.