Back to the Bible Adds Fuel to the Fire

May 20, 2003 10:21 AM EDT

An evangelistic group compares the launch of a new ministry in Brazil to adding fuel to a fire. Prior to the program's introduction, Back to the Bible had little presence there, but Terry Sparks says response to this inauguration was better than hoped for. "Our goal was to have probably 250-300 people attend our demonstration teaching of 'The Secrets Of The Vine'. The first night, we had about 450-500 people there and the second night, 750-800." Sparks says the church in South America is growing rapidly, and with it, the missions movement. That means: "There's tremendous need for Bible teaching and training. We're filling a niche, at least, we're helping to fill a niche in the countries where we go, by providing tools that we can put into people's hands...train them how to use those tools, and the tools are designed in such a way that, when used properly, people's lives change."

By Pauline J.