Interview: Randy Thomasson and Mathew D. Staver

Christian Post interviewed with Randy Thomasson and Mathew D. Staver
( [email protected] ) Feb 21, 2004 11:38 PM EST

Following the February 20th hearing in San Francisco to oppose the union of homosexuals, Christian Post reporters spoke with Randy Thomasson, Executive Director of the Campaign for California Families, and Matthew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel. Thomasson and Staver, both Christians fighting to protect the future of America, expressed their thoughts and concerns on the issue of gay marriages and the serious consequences of allowing such acts to continue.

"There’s right and wrong in this world but a lot of people don’t know the difference. However the broad majority of people understand that marriage is only for a man and a woman. Their source of truth is either nature, what they understand, how a man and woman fit naturally together in marriage, history or tradition (because that’s the way it’s always been), it could be the Bible, it could be a sense of what is best for children, but all of these sources do say the same thing; that ‘marriage is only for a man and a woman’ is the foundation of family, so is kids having a mom and a dad. That’s so important. That is the natural order that’s been handed to us. And that’s an order that will serve us best. And to go against that order will spell even more negative consequences for the children ..."

- Randy Thomasson

Campaign for California Families

Executive Director

"There’s no question that marriage between one man and one woman is essential to our culture, to the family, and to the preservation of the image of God. When God created Adam and Eve, he says that Adam and Eve were created in His image. The natural order that God created is between man and woman. The natural world and the natural order indicate that from the earliest history until now. To change marriage between one man and one woman doesn’t just affect the change in a piece of paper. It not only affects our institutions, but it affects our family in such a radical and fundamental way that the understanding of God itself is affected. And so that’s why this issue of marriage has become the central battle with regards to religious freedom and with regards to our cultural debate. For example if you look at individuals who are in jail in non same-sex relationships, if you go through the high crime sections of a jail what are you going to find as the common denominator of the people who are there? Primarily they came from broken homes and primarily they came from a fatherless home where that has a lot of ramifications whether or not seeing a role model of a mother and a father. So that has ramifications for often ending up where they are. You start compounding and breaking down the family even more by saying ‘same sex marriage is permissible’ and you’re going radically affect children in a way that we can’t even begin to imagine right now. We know for example that girls raised primarily in a lesbian home are more sexually promiscuous, are more likely to engage in same-sex relationships, they will lack a father role model. The boys raised in a male-male or female-female home will lack one of those role models. God knew what He was doing when He created a man and a woman. And when you start changing that basic fundamental family structure you damage children, you damage children, you hurt people, and people who are involved in that life style, although they will talk about wanting simply to be treated equally and that they’re just the same as same-sex couples, what you will find typically is that they have come from some kind of hurt or broken relationship and that this has been a response to that. Either a broken relationship at home because one of the parents weren’t there or one of the parents weren’t a good role model or later on in life that they had experienced rejection in a personal relationship with someone of the opposite sex and have now migrated to someone of the same sex. So it hurts people. It traps people."

- Mathew D. Staver

Liberty Counsel

President and General Counsel