Brazil a Lead Publisher of Bibles

( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2004 12:47 PM EDT

The global shift in Christianity from the Northern to Southern countries had been the topic of discussion and research for the last several decades. Nearly all Church families, including Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists, have reported rapid growth in membership in 'southern' countries in South America and in Africa, despite a marked decline in membership in 'northern' countries in North America and Europe. An August 19 report by the Associated Press found that Brazil is one of the world's largest publisher of Bibles. "A religious awakening in South America's biggest country over the past decade, the rapid advance of evangelical churches and smart business planning by publishers have made Brazil a leading publisher of Bibles, with Brazilian publishing officials saying the country is even challenging the United States' traditional dominance in the field," they reported.