Grace of the Gospel in Cuban Missions

Nov 06, 2002 03:00 AM EST

A Cuban missionary wrote recently: "In the midst of all kinds of economic difficulties, the Holy Spirit of God has been moving mightily within the nation of Cuba. Hundreds of preaching points known as 'home churches' and prayer cells are springing up all over. In them the Lord meets with His afflicted and needy people, to bless and to heal them. It is a marvelous thing."

Statistics indicate that 400 to 500 Latin Americans accept the Lord as their personal Savior every minute and the revival taking place in Cuba is just as breath-taking.

"It's easy to find places of worship in which the pastors in charge are young men who have been saved for only one year, and are now serving full time and leading groups of up to 100 people, who meet anywhere they can to contemplate the beauty of the Lord," the missionary stated.

According to the missionaries, the Cuban government has allowed preaching to prisoners, permitting the missionaries to reach the despairing inmates and to aid them gain freedom through Christ for the first time in their lives.

"Everywhere there is a hunger for the Word of God," the missionary said. "Bibles, New Testaments and tracts are being spread by the thousands throughout our nation, a nation which turns its eyes towards God with each passing day."

Hundreds of youths from Bible seminaries and correspondence courses are eager to join the missionaries who in the midst of all struggles and personal tribulations are preaching the words of Christ to the ends of the continent.

"Ours [Latin America] is a marvelous land," the missionary concluded, "in the words of the great admiral Christopher Columbus, 'The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen,' a land that daily becomes even more beautiful, as a result of God's revival in this place."

The revival proceeds with faith, which is changing all impossibilities into possibilities and surpassing all poverty and lack. Many Christian workers are in need of bicycles, lanterns, shoes, clothing and funds to purchase food. To learn how you can help believers in a country "that from east to west is experiencing the wind of God's presence blowing mightily," write [email protected] and put MI-342 115-ALM on the subject line.

By Albert H. Lee