Giving Hope to Christians in Iraq

May 31, 2003 02:25 PM EDT

The continued violence in Iraq brings uncertainty in ministry. Open Doors Ministries' Jerry Dykstra says the situation remains tense for believers in Iraq. "Right now there is a lot of really strange things going on there, people being killed, a dangerous place to be. A lot of them are hold up in their homes." However, Dykstra says the roughly 500-thousand Christians see time as an opportunity to demonstrate their faith. "Pray for a wise administration, those that are in charge of rebuilding Iraq. Safety for our visiting Christians who are there encouraging the Iraq Christians. Pray that the Iraq Christians will see hope and not be depressed." Dykstra says believers in Iraq are concerned that the future government will be inclined to maintain persecution against them as it was under Saddam. Open Doors continues' to provide Christian literature and training for Iraqi believers.

By Pauline J.