Episcopal Head 'Deeply Grieved' as Iraq War Passes 3rd Year

The head of U.S. Episcopal Church said Friday that he is
( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2006 11:13 AM EST

The head of U.S. Episcopal Church said Friday that he is "deeply grieved" at the continuing loss of life and ongoing tragedy in Iraq as the third anniversary of U.S.-led war approached.

"On the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, I am deeply grieved at the ongoing tragedy and the continuing loss of life," Frank Griswold, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church USA, said in a statement Friday. "My prayers are with the men and women of our Armed Forces – as well as the people of Iraq – all of whom continue to make the most profound of sacrifices in a conflict that seems to have no end."

The Episcopal Church, like most mainline denominations, protested the war even before it began on Mar. 19, 2003. Through statements, letters, and rallies, denominational heads have been calling for an end to the war while reminding political leaders that many are praying for them.

"My prayers also are with President Bush and the other leaders of our nation and world who are faced with the challenge of securing peace after years of war, and waging reconciliation in the region," Griswold wrote in his latest statement.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world Saturday, thousands of anti-war protestors held massive demonstrations and demanded that coalition troops pull out.

According to the Associated Press, protestors marched in Australia, Turkey, Japan, and other countries as campaigners planned demonstrations in cities across Europe and the United States. Police in London shut down streets in the heart of the capital’s shopping and theater district ahead of what organizers say will be a 100,000-people demonstration, AP reported.