Revolutionary Evangelism

Jun 09, 2003 11:21 AM EDT

Film the Bible officials are raising 660-million dollars to revolutionize evangelism. Film the Bible’s David Rutherford puts the fund raising in perspective. “If 330,000 people pledged $55 a month for this three year pledge campaign that we have going, we’re done. The money’s there. 330,000 folk certainly is a lot of people in some respects, but based on the Christian population around the world it’s really next to nothing.” That’s why they’ve started the Pursuing The Vision campaign to encourage churches to join the project. Rutherford says Choral Ridge Ministries is just one example. “D. James Kennedy has said, ‘since there are still several billion people on this planet who can’t read, the usefulness of this evangelism tool is inestimable in his notion.”

By Pauline J.