Nine Churches Planted in Burundi

Nov 06, 2002 03:00 AM EST

A mission work in Burundi is overcoming lack of transportation and facilities.

Andrew Nzaniye, director of Evangelical Ministries of Central Africa states that the “Jesus” film is bringing gospel of good news to many people.

"Our film teams are climbing mountains and carrying generators and projectors on their heads," Nzaniye said. "They reach places where people have never seen a car or a motorcycle."

"The people they witness to are so much excited by the new life they find in Jesus Christ," he said.

Nine churches have now been planted in Burundi. Walls have been constructed for meeting halls and now the mission team is awaiting for funds to provide the roofing. Nzaniye was content with the progress, considering insufficiencies in resources, including transportation.

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By Albert H. Lee