Journey from Egypt to Canaan

Jun 11, 2003 11:34 AM EDT

A native missionary of Gospel For Asia (, Moses, who was kidnapped May 19 by a terrorist group in Bangladesh have successfully extricated himself from the regime. GFA reports that on the night of June 9, he escaped after all eight men guarding him fell asleep. It was known that even though his hands were tied behind his back, he ran through a distance in a jungle. He does not know how many hours he ran before he came to a road, but he ran until he reached a town the next afternoon. He believes the Lord provided a safe place where he is now taking refuge until GFA leaders can reach him.

Before Moses escaped, the terrorists found and severely beat him and others. "Do not return without money," they warned. They threatened to kill Moses if the money was not brought soon. Despite all predicaments, these believers arrived home safely.

The GFA speakers send their gratitudes to all who "so faithfully interceded for Moses". And urges everyone to continue to pray for him. It is reported that Moses suffers from a fever, and his whole body shivers from lack of food and being exposed to the elements while in captivity. GFA leaders still have a day's journey to reach him, and do not know how the terrorist group will react to his escape. GFA leaders exclaimed, "Let us pray that they may be drawn to Christ through this! How we praise God for working in this perilous situation!"

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]