God's Calling Southern Baptists to Deliver the Gospel to Muslims

Jun 21, 2003 10:34 AM EDT

"God is challenging Southern Baptists to reach out to Muslim world. The question is whether Southern Baptists will rise to the extraordinary opportunities He is giving to bless the nations," Jerry Rankin, International Mission Board said during the Southern Baptist Convention June 18.

Rankin said "Southern Baptist Church has reached to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and China by the mighty overflowing Holy Spirit. We would never imagined sending missionaries."

"Researchers are saying that in China as many as 30,000 new believers are coming to faith everyday."

Rankin also emphasized that even in the Muslim world, the gospel can be proclaimed more freely since God is breaking down barriers to the good news.

As he mentioned about the iraq war he explained that God has used the chaos and tragedy to open the hearts of people and lead them to faith in Jesus Christ.

IMB have sent many voluteers for post war relief program. One of the volunteers who just flew back to US told the assembly that he was deeply concerned about whether Southern Baptists would grab the opportunity to change Iraq and the Muslim world by the gospel.

"The Islamic world is standing out there waiting. People are coming to Jesus. God needs us to line up and to go," he said.

Rankin also said "Christians have waited for centuries to witness beyond the wall of Islam. and Now God is answering their prayer."

"God is breaking down the walls. It is the right time for the gospel to overcome those walls in the Muslim world.It is the providence and power of God moving to fulfill His purpose."

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]