ACS Technologies Develops Web Creation Services Tailored for Faith-Based Organizations

ACS Technologies Develops Web Creation Services Tailored for Faith-Based Organizations
( [email protected] ) Mar 17, 2004 08:01 PM EST

FLORENCE, SC —ACS Technologies, a provider of technology solutions for church, schools, and faith-based organizations, has developed a comprehensive Web site creation and content management system called Extend Platform.

The platform was created to be user-friendly and enables both highly-technical to non-technical users to build and maintain a Web site or a community of affiliated sites. The Extend Platform offers tools such as content management and HTML editors that require no special technology skills to use effectively. The technology is completely Web-based and built using industry standards including XML, SQL, and XSLT.

“There are many options for building Web sites out there, but few companies are building products specifically for the church and faith-based markets,” remarks Hal Campbell, President and CEO of ACS Technologies. “Because ACS Technologies has led the church management software industry for the past 25 years, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to cater specifically to these groups and supply them with products that expertly meet their needs in all areas.”

The Extend platform includes an HTML editor with an word processor-like interface, simplified design tools and a content manager with tools such as online giving, message boards, and event scheduling and registration.

“With our existing Web site, we were dependant on our hosting provider for updates, which was very limiting,” notes Michael Atkinson, Minister of Education for Summerville Baptist Church. “With Extend, we’re now able to create a truly interactive and professional looking Web site where people can discuss real issues and at some point have the gospel presented to them. Extend is an affordable way of communicating with the Web world.”

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