Truestar Health Launches Childhood Obesity Study

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2004 02:38 PM EST

Truestar Health has launched a new obesity study that is hoped to help revolutionize the way families eat together to overcome obesity with natural and lasting weight loss.

Six-week study

Eleven Canadian families in a “Get Healthy Challenge” have begun a six-week study that utilizes the Truestar Health Program. The families will be participating in the research from March 8, 2004 until April 19, 2004 (inclusive).

Experts Michael Carrera, Dr. Natasha Turner and Dr. Joey Shulman are working with the participants to help them take the first steps toward healthy living by making permanent and lasting changes based on the five elements of the Truestar system: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Vitamins and Attitude.

“Progress has already been made”

“We are concerned about the epidemic of childhood obesity in North America,” says Tim Mulcahy, CEO and Founder of Truestar Health. “Progress has already been made by several participants in the program, with weight loss of over 10 lbs. in only one week by more than one participant.”

Each family is required to attend

Each participant will then complete an evaluation at the conclusion of the six-week program. The results of the focus group with 19 children, aged 8 to 16, will be featured on Today’s Family, an innovative, educational television series, to be broadcast in the U.S. on ABC Family Channel, the Oxygen Network and FitTV.

One-on-one sessions

All food outlined in the Truestar meal plans, featuring low-carb meals, good fats and lean proteins, will be paid for by Truestar Health during the course of the focus group study. As well, light exercise equipment, vitamins and supplements, based on the Truestar plan, free Truestar Health memberships, motivational CDs and books by the Truestar Health experts and one-on-one sessions with Truestar’s health, exercise and motivational experts will be made available to maximize weight loss and wellness efforts.

Regular updates written by the experts will appear on Truestar Health soon.