Put Faith on Your Desktop with Digital Altar

"Keep in Mind: Computer time is Lifetime"
( [email protected] ) Apr 19, 2004 10:00 AM EDT

Pocketchapel.com has developed the first digitized altar making it available anywhere there is a computer. The desktop altar has the same functionality and offers all the same interactions as a real altar and is usable for most Christian denominations.

The PocketChapel is fully customizable by the user. Figures and pictures of Jesus or the Virgin Mary are available for the main image; fresh flowers can also be placed on the altar, along with a selection of various other objects and furniture. Users can add wishes to the candles and even send blessings via email.

The founder and developer Dario Gibellini started a trend among PocketChapel users that he developed after the first few test runs. Dario wears a USB memory stick that carries the software around his neck that was modified into a cross. "I was fascinated about this idea to wear something which combines the sign of our Lord, new technology and a private holy place which I can take with me." commented Sebastiano Rinaldi of Italy.

Dario comments, "The computer world grows and grows and will take away more time of our not digital life. So also our Christian habits become less. You know, most of them are not digital. So, it's time that a part of Christian habits become digital. Keep in mind: Computer time is Lifetime."

A free demo version can be downloaded at www.pocketchapel.com