Announcing a New Weight Loss Program for Truestar!

After many months of production, research and culinary trials, a program has finally arrived that addresses every one of your weight loss needs including lifestyle, metabolic makeup and food preferences! The Truestar team is pleased to present a phase-based approach to weight loss that guarantees quick, effective and safe results that last. Whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose—this is the program for you!

What is phase-based weight loss?

At Truestar, we acknowledge that individuals differ both biochemically and metabolically. For example, people who have been yo-yo dieting for years, who desire fast weight loss results or who are clinically obese, hypoglycemic or type 2 diabetic typically do better on a higher protein diet. These individuals would do better in Phase I—the Metabolic Booster Phase. Others who prefer to enter a diet at a more gradual pace may prefer a diet with a little more low glycemic index carbohydrates. These individuals would prefer Phase II—our Continuum Weight Loss Phase.

Phase I: Metabolic Booster Phase (low carbohydrate)

We recommend that you follow the Metabolic Booster Phase for the first four to six weeks of your weight loss plan to jumpstart metabolism. In Phase I, men can expect to lose anywhere from 6 to 8 pounds per week while women will lose approximately 4 to 6 pounds per week (results may vary). After completing a nutritional profile, you will be given a multitude of delicious meals and snacks to select from that will leave you full and satisfied. On our program you will begin to notice more energy and fewer cravings while inches and pounds melt away. To learn more about Phase I—the Metabolic Booster Phase, click here.

Phase II: Continuum Weight Loss Phase

The Continuum Weight Loss Phase is appropriate for individuals who have successfully competed four to six weeks in the Metabolic Booster Phase or for those who wish to lose weight at a more gradual pace. You will lose approximately 2 pounds of weight per week in the Continuum Weight Loss Phase (results may vary). To learn more, click here.

The most complete weight loss program

Being at your physical and mental best requires knowledge and action. Most diets fail because they are a quick fix where a long-term lifestyle change is needed.

Whether it is weight loss or optimal health you are seeking, the road to lasting wellness requires balance in the five key areas of health. Truestar also offers exercise, vitamin, sleep and attitude programs to help accelerate your weight loss.

It is our goal at Truestar to provide you with a program that lasts a lifetime. I wish you much success in your road to wellness!

Best health,

Dr. Joey Shulman