CCC Takes on Evangelism through the Internet

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2004 09:40 AM EDT an online ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ’s Truth Media is drawing audiences to Christ worldwide. An example of Truth Media’s internet evangelism, the site uses testimonies and presentations of the Gospel to help visitors experience God.

Visitors can go through the content in a chronological order starting with testimonies of changed lives, to a presentation of Jesus, and to tough questions on life and God, which are addressed through in-depth articles. These all lead to the Campus Crusade for Christ’s 4 Spiritual Principles where the visitor is asked to pray and accept Jesus into his/her life.

With sites in 13 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Japanese, and Czech have been completed which pull in millions of hits from over 130 countries. Taking a 3-month sample period, over 570 conversions and 616 rededications were recorded and over a thousand New Testaments were sent out.

To extend the reach of the evangelism, the site model is designed to be easily recreated. "Each time a person has a heart to reach their community, we can offer them the tool, re-skinning it with a new front end that targets their audience," said Lyndell Enns, director of Power to Change Online. "The strategy is easily multiplied and duplicated across new languages and people groups." is just one of TruthMedia’s online ministries. Other ministries include, a follow-up site for The Passion of Christ movie and, a gospel site for women. All sites use testimonies, chatrooms, and email mentoring to help people find Christ.

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