Ministries Implement Multimedia to Reach Younger Generation

( [email protected] ) Jun 15, 2004 08:05 PM EDT

Churches and ministries in the United States have been facing declining enrollment and aging congregations. In response to this trend, churches and ministries have been looking towards technology as means of reaching out to attract young adults. This “Digital Evangelism” is increasingly becoming an effective and essential part of ministry today and more likely to be in the future.

Digital Evangelism, a term used to describe the use of multimedia CD-Roms to spread the Gospel, is helping Christian ministries on all levels to make a connection with the younger generations through a familiar and attractive medium.

"Christianity is not boring, ministry is not boring," said Jason Song, co-founder of 21ministry, a company that works with Christian organizations to create these digital multimedia CDs. "We call this Digital Evangelism, because it gives churches the opportunity to use dynamic, multi-dimensional media to showcase the vitality and life-altering impact of a spirit-filled Christian life."

Song suggests that there is no better way to reach the members of today's generation than by using the technology of that generation. This ministry technique focuses more on providing an interactive experience rather than preaching.

"Using a CD-Rom for evangelism is a unique way to reach younger audiences who appreciate cutting-edge technology," said Rev. Peter Kim, urban church planter, CityView Presbyterian Church, Chicago.

The CDs feature original praise music, Gospel messages and introductory information about each church, its ministries and particular mission.

"The mini CD-Rom developed for Lakeview Church was an excellent way for our membership department to distribute information about our ministries," said Rev. Joshua Kang, Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Northbrook, Ill. "This innovative product helped attract the attention of visitors to our church and introduce them to our Web site."

"[CD-Roms] enhance stories and missions, it does not replace them, and it does not replace traditional ministry," said Song. "In the end, it still takes a one-to-one personal touch. This is a way to understand the concerns of today's young adults, while improving the reach and effectiveness of church evangelism ministries."

21ministry is the faith-based division of 21 CD, Inc., an innovative marketing services company that works with Christian organizations of various denominations to design interactive multimedia.

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