Visitors Flood Virtual Church

( [email protected] ) Jun 22, 2004 05:53 AM EDT

Since it’s launch on May 11th, the virtual, online church run by has been crowded with an average of 8,000 visitors a day. The Wednesday after its launch, over 41,000 visitors flooded into the Church of Fools during one 24-hour period, much more than ever excepted by its developers.

The sudden wave of visitors came from the widespread publicity from the media around the globe. Coverage of the trouble makers acting as Satan especially brought attention and more hits to the site.

In reaction to the mischief during service, the church hired 12 wardens to monitor user behavior and to instantly boot any who cause trouble.

Morning services and evening prayers are now being hosted by the virtual church and has brought a positive response from visitors.

"I have a friend who has claimed not to believe in God for many years," wrote Sandy from North Carolina. "He had a crisis this week and wanted a place to try a prayer. No way would he ever go to a real church. But he went to yours, said his first prayer in many years and told me he felt much better afterwards."

Jenny from Reading, UK, wrote: "I have only managed to get in once as a 'solid' but ended up having an interesting conversation with a Jew. I don't really meet Jewish people in real life, so it was a good experience, especially as our religions have so much history in common."

A self-confessed Satanist also gave an unexpected and encouraging response. “I have been a Satanist all my life and would never have pulled any such thing,” he wrote. “So, for all the immature twits within the Satanic community, you have my sympathies as I truly hope to see you fix the problem soon. Best of luck, sincerely, Satanist with a heart."

The Church of Fools is open 24 hours for prayer and Sunday service is held on evenings UK time. Visit for more information.