German Paleontologists Uncover Record Dinosaur Find

( [email protected] ) Jul 09, 2004 03:00 PM EDT

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - and dinosaurs. On Wednesday, July 8, German scientists uncovered the largest cache of these magnificent and mysterious creations ever found in Germany, including those of possible new species of dinosaurs.

The scientists think that the bones are 130 million years old, which would place them squarely in the Cretaceous era, which lasted from 65 to 135 million years ago. The fragments of bone and tooth that were found come from six different species that may be related to the carnivores Velociraptor and Deionychus, as well as prehistoric crocodiles and tortoises.

Klaus-Peter Lanser, of the Museum of Natural History of Muenster, Germany, said: “This is the largest discovery of its kind in Germany – you could call it a dinosaur graveyard.” Although previous digs have yielded dinosaur fossils from Germany, this is the first time such a great variety of bones. It appears that the site may have been an ancient watering hole, attributing to the congregation of many different species.

The Muenster museum staff discovered the site after a two year excavation of a sixteen foot deep trench believed to be the ancient watering hole.

This discovery will provide archaeologists more information to shed light on the mystery of the dinosaurs giving us a better understanding of the amazing creations of God.