National Outreach Convention Emphasizes Importance of Technology

( [email protected] ) Jul 13, 2004 11:49 AM EDT

More than 75 exhibitors, 80 speakers and over 1500 church leaders will gather in San Diego, Nov. 3-6, to attend the 2nd Annual National Outreach Convention. An entire learning track will be dedicated to outreach technology to train ministers in harnessing technology for evangelism.

This year’s theme, taken from Matthew 5:16, “Unveil the Light.,” will be focus of the entire event.

“Now, more than ever, churches are required to ‘shine their light’ into the darkness of the world,” says Scott Evans, President of Outreach, Inc. “By its very nature, the presence of light dispels the darkness, just as the light of Christ will illuminate our darkened world.”

Church leaders are increasingly acknowledging the effectiveness of technology in outreach. The outreach technology track includes 6 workshops and guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Workshop topics include, “10 Best Uses of Video in a Worship Service,” led by President of, Jessie Lewis; “Digital Discipleship: Your E-Ticket Ride on the Internet,” with guest speaker Dave Thoma, IT Director of Outreach Inc.; and “Video Projector Nuts & Bolts: A complete look at the world of multi-Media,” led by Darren Macdonald, VP of Shepherd Ministries Multi-Media.

The workshops will guide leaders through such subjects as how to effectively use video in worship services, how to leverage the Internet to expand outreach efforts, and how to use multi-media in a worship service setting.

Due to last year’s huge success, the conference expanded to include over 14 different learning tracks with over 80 breakout sessions providing a wide range of other topics to explore more effective methods of outreach.

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