Theophilos Bible Software Advances Biblical Scholarship

( [email protected] ) Jul 16, 2004 12:48 PM EDT

Christian scholarship has been characterized over the years with the need of cross-referencing and indexing. The most accomplished theologians have access to abundant libraries, parallel bibles, and annotated bibles, resources that must come together to form a clearer picture of the bible. However, are so many resources required to understand God’s Word? Must you have each a dictionary, concordance, and bible on hand just to study one biblical topic? Theophilos Bible Software attempts to create a digital bookshelf on which all your essential theological resources are stored.

According to the Theophilos web site, “Theophilos is fast and effective way to explore God's word… In fact you are receiving a package of great value which can grow even more with many available add-ons broadening its possibilities.” Similar to other more expansive bible software suites, such as Logos Bible software, Theophilos offers everything you need to sit down and deeply study the bible. In the default installation, the Authorized King James Version of the bible, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, and the Easton Bible Dictionary are all included. The resources are more than plenty to begin studying the bible in depth. When these resources are exhausted, a CD can be ordered with modules that add even more content to the software.

Theophilos Bible Software has the opportunity to change the landscape of biblical scholarship, providing in one resource what previously filled an entire library. For Christians who are serious about establishing their foundation of faith in the Word, all of the greatest biblical resources are only a click away. For people in other nations who do not have easy access to biblical information, they can also learn about the bible with just an installation of this software.

Although the experience of opening your bible and reading the annotations and footnotes may never be replaced, bible software offers Christians a pragmatic approach to studying the bible. The ease with which anybody can access such a great wealth of information is revolutionary, and the sheer amount of content is unsurpassable. Perhaps the most attractive thing about the software is that it is absolutely free and can be downloaded at Bible students should give this software a serious look, and consider booting up the computer the next time they want to study the bible.