Christian Blogs- A New Ministry Frontier?

( [email protected] ) Jul 23, 2004 03:53 PM EDT

Blogs, also known as web logs, have taken the Internet world by storm. For the past few years, anybody who wanted to keep a record of their musings and observations could sign up for free services online or download software to do so. Over the years, various blogging communities have sprung up, collections of blog sites centered on the same theme. Today, more and more Christians are joining the online blogging fray, sharing their own grace and biblical insight online. As Christian blogs become more pervasive online, they may become the hottest frontier in digital ministry.

The nature of blogs is to provide an outlet for its authors to express their ideas, experiences, and thoughts. In the secular world, this means that secular writers are sharing in some form their ramblings of their daily lives. Christian blogs on the other hand glorify the Lord in a beautiful way – Christian authors write about the grace they have received, becoming the light unto the world, a testimony to how the Lord always walks with them.

Because blogs are written online, outreach can be made to those who might normally not think about the Lord. The ability to read Christian writings online without the pressure of discussing spiritual issues may appeal to the youth who spend a lot of time online, and to those spiritually aloof individuals who would not admit wanting to learn about the bible. Because of the anonymous nature of the Internet, even people in persecuted nations overseas can have access to Christian writings and reflections.

Paul Dawn is the author of Hill Country Thoughts, a blog hosted on, a secular blog website. When asked about the purpose of his blog, Paul explained that he hosted on Tblog to reach out to those who would normally not read Christian writings. Each day, dozens of people visit his site to read about his latest reflections of the Lord’s love, being strengthened spiritually by Paul’s incisive words. As the quantity and quality of Christian blogs continues to expand, how can people not be drawn into the dedication and care given to each Godly entry?

Over the next few years, many new ministerial opportunities will open up online. The Word of the Lord will be made available to even those in persecuted nations in digital form. For those uncomfortable about openly discussing spirituality, they will be able to seek the Lord online. Blogs may very well hold a strong role in the years to come, acting as a trove of Christian wisdom and advice to those many thirsty souls who seek it.