( [email protected] ) Aug 02, 2004 05:48 AM EDT

Don’t worry guys, I’m not speaking about THAT kind of commitment. Now you can read on.

Look at your life. Look at how you spend your days, nights and weekends. Is this what you want out of life?

I hope your answer is a thrilling "yes."

If it is not, that’s great too. Why? So you can now decide how you ideally DO want to spend your days and your nights. That is your commitment to yourself. Your time is truly limited. The time to decide what matters most to you is now.

When you are passionately committed to being, living and breathing your process, your days, nights and weekends, you will know what true commitment is all about.

It is all about PASSION

To be passionately absorbed in what you do, whether it is an intellectual venture, a day of rest, a night with a special person or the process of creating something in your life that fills your entire being with absolute pleasure, THAT is a passionate commitment—to YOU.

Commitment is in actions. That is why I ask you to look at how you spend your time, so you can see what you have been committed to. If you are not passionately thrilled with how you are spending your time, then it is time to decide what actions you want to replace your current ones with that will bring you absolute pleasure.

Think about it. I wrote two books that will soon be available covering this subject in detail.

Get excited about shedding any area of your life that does not fill your entire being with pleasure. You will be thrilled once you begin to act on bringing in what naturally satisfies all of you.

Commitment is about passion. Find yours and enjoy the ride of your life.