Wireless Internet Now Available In-Flight

( [email protected] ) Aug 24, 2004 10:45 AM EDT

Internet users can now access all of their favorite Christian websites 30,000 feet in the air. Boeing and iPass have combined the latest technology so that over 500,000 users can access high-speed wireless internet connections during long flights.

A handful of commercial carriers have signed up for the Connexion service, but passengers flying long-distance on those airlines will be able to surf the net at speeds comparable to those they could get on the ground.

"Wi-Fi, for business travelers, will rival extra legroom as a 'must-have' airline amenity," said John Yunker, an analyst with Byte Level Research, in the statement provided by the two companies.

The service will not be operational for another three to six months: the two companies have allotted that time to technical trials, and there was no word on what the service will cost.

Currently Lufthansa charges 30 dollars per flight or 10 dollar for 30 minutes of in-flight Internet access.

Lufthansa is one of five carriers that have upgraded their long-haul aircraft to offer broadband communications under a deal with Connexion.

The others are Scandinavian Airlines System, Japan Airlines, ANA and Kingdom Holding Co. In addition, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Korean Air have provisionally signed on for the service.

Once the technology catches on, users will be able to share their faith or edify their own during long flights on almost any airline.