Disc Makers Helps Churches Embrace New Media Technology

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 12:38 PM EDT

Disc Makers' Elite series of CD and DVD duplication and printing systems make it easy for any ministry to transition from sermons on cassette to the newer, more popular CD and DVD formats. The technology to record and reproduce CDs and DVDs, previously available only to production studios and large corporations, is now available at an affordable price for organizations large and small.

With an increased emphasis on the sale and distribution of recorded sermons and music, it is essential for today's media ministry directors to embrace this new technology and be able to develop more profitable ministries and enhance their marketing, communication, and fundraising strategies.

"In the past, churches recorded sermons on cassette," recalls Tony van Veen, Disc Makers' Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "These tapes often lacked quality and took hours, even days, to reproduce. Today, with consumer demand for quality, and the popularity of CDs and DVDs, churches must embrace this new technology or risk falling behind."

"People started asking for CDs," states Todd Chamberlain from New Creation Fellowship Church in Rochester, New York. "We knew we had to make a change. We decided we needed to find a one-step system that was fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and produced an end-product with a professional look that we felt comfortable handing out to our congregation and perspective parishioners."

Disc Makers, a leading innovator of CD and DVD duplication systems, is at the forefront of this technology revolution. Disc Makers has helped many churches make the important, but sometimes difficult transition to CDs and DVDs, including the Family Worship Center Church in Flint, Michigan.

"CDs are the rage these days, says Mark Parker. "Disc Makers has helped us find the right duplication system to take our process in-house and produce higher quality products with a much quicker turnaround time. Our sermon and music CDs are extremely popular, and we may need to upgrade to a larger system just to keep up with the demand."

In addition to CD duplication and production, many churches are now exploring the use of DVD recording and duplication systems to reproduce entire ceremonies, special events, and Sunday school classes.

A prime example is the Speak the Word Church International in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Speak the Word has an on-site bookstore and recording studio, and has created a successful website for the sale of recorded sermons, music selections on CD and cassette, and will soon be offering DVDs. "We use our state-of-the-art duplicators and printers to produce our CD and DVD products in mass quantity to have available to our congregation and national and international followers," says Barb Zimmer. "Our staff is dedicated to producing the highest-quality product in the shortest period of time." In today's fast-paced environment, Speak the Word is leading the way, serving as a model for media ministry directors around the world.

New systems such as the Disc Makers' Elite Series provide fast, reliable CD and DVD duplication, allowing churches to produce digital audio content, pictures, and course materials, as well as provide reliable data storage and backup, all at an affordable cost. Plus, with the ability to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of CD/DVDs a month, churches can quickly recover the cost of the system and start creating new revenue streams.

One example is the industry leading Disc Makers ElitePro1, the only duplication system available with a built-in IntelΠbased PC, including a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The system includes Padus DiscJuggler software, which provides a user-friendly interface to simplify data, audio, video, and DVD duplication. Available with one 48x CD-R drive or one 4x DVD-R drive, the ElitePro1 duplicates and prints at least 17 CD-Rs, or 4 DVD-Rs per hour. The input bin holds up to 125 discs for larger-capacity duplication projects, and the system can be easily upgraded to keep up with the newest technology. The ElitePro1 is available with three printer options, including a standard Autograph IV 1200 dpi full-color inkjet printer, and three drive configurations. Disc Makers will help any church find the perfect system for their specific needs.

"The ElitePro1 has given me the efficiency and flexibility to develop a number of new projects," says Jim Cawthon from First Baptist Church in Midland, Texas. "It's fast and easy to use, which is essential when you're dealing with weekly production runs of sermons and music rehearsal CDs. In addition, we are now producing DVDs of our morning television broadcasts, a worship services video, and are developing new business opportunities with outside clients. Between the time savings and the elimination of duplication expenses, the machine has paid for itself in a matter of weeks."