NIV Goes Digital on Pocket PC

Zondervan, MDM, and Laridian Parnter Up to Create Unique Bible Software Suite
( [email protected] ) Nov 05, 2004 10:14 PM EST

The world’s most popular Bible translation is now available on handheld devices. Mobile Digital Media (MDM), a world leader in providing high quality consumer software for devices and Laridian Electronic Publishing, a world leading developer for Bible reading and study applications for mobile devices have partnered with Zondervan have released the NIV Study Bible Suite for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ - based Pocket PC mobile devices.

The suite comes in one CD-ROM bundle that includes the NIV Study Bible that has sold over 6 million copies and five other popular Bible translations, devotionals, reading plans, and a unique memorization tool. The collection of six popular Bible translations, supplement study materials, and applications, makes the NIV Study Bible Suite a very useful resource.

The NIV Study Bible features over 20,000 in depth notes explaining the Scripture and applications of the Scripture to daily life, and more than 100,000 cross-references. The DailyReader(TM) application along with reading plans and devotionals to help users read through the Bible in one year and reflect on that reading. The suite also includes an application called Memorize!™ to help users collect, categorize, review and test themselves on scripture verses that they want to memorize.

Barry Cottle, CEO of MDM said: “Consistent with our strategy to deliver the best mobile software content, MDM has partnered with Zondervan, the foremost leader in Bible publishing, and Laridian, the foremost developer of Bible reading and study applications for mobile devices, to provide users all of the leading Bible translations and an unmatched suite of usability features. We're confident we've produced a product that is easy to read, search, reference, study and enjoy.”

"We have been searching for the appropriate mobile partners and are excited to be releasing NIV Study Bible with MDM and Laridian," said Mark Hunt, Vice President and Publisher of New Media, Zondervan. "MDM, Zondervan, and Laridian have together produced the finest Bible product yet for mobile devices."

NIV Study Bible users require a Palm OS 3.1 and higher devices or Windows Mobile(TM)-based Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition 2002 and 2003 devices.

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