Logos Bible Software to Release for Macs

( [email protected] ) Jul 04, 2005 11:08 PM EDT

The availability of software on Windows has often been the leading reason for the exodus of Macs. However, there has been a shift in paradigm in the industry to tailor to multiple platforms. In this light, Logos Research Systems has announced that a Mac OS X version of their digital library software will be released in December 2005.

¡°Literally thousands of digital titles never before available on the Mac will be available the day we ship Logos Bible Software for the Mac,¡± said Bob Pritchett, president, Logos Bible Software. ¡°Pastors, scholars, and students of the Bible can build their own digital library from a growing list of 4,000-plus titles from a hundred different publishers.¡±

Logos¡¯ decision to make a Mac version opens doors for the approximate 5% of world computer users.

The Logos Bible Software Series X offers five customized collections in one package: Scholar¡¯s Library, Pastor¡¯s Library, Original Languages Library, Bible Study Library, and Christian Home Library.

Special features include Bibles, original language texts, maps, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, morphological databases, grammars, and more.

Bible software has for the past few years been a regular toolset for pastors, scholars, and others because of the convenient ability to search and cross-reference desired scriptures.

Different versions of Bibles and scriptural texts are available in individual E-book formats. However, the Bible software offers them in a bundled package with additional features and contents as a conglomerate biblical reference.