Senegal Missionary Helps homeless children

( [email protected] ) Jun 27, 2003 12:43 PM EDT

An anonymous missionary in Senegal, supported by Christian Aid, is promoting an aid for tens of thousands of homeless boys. He now takes care of 29 homeless boys by feeding and teaching some techniques and literature. Also he uses bible for teaching how to read and write which helps to let students know about the gospel more confidentially.

"They become homeless not because of themselves but of their parents' illiteracy and poverty. So I also teach their parents too," he said.

Most of the students are kids but some are young maiden girls. "I teach them the true love of God. it will protect them from going to a wrong direction.

People under his care are almost 50 but his plans and goals are much bigger than this. The reason he began such a mission was that he felt so much pressure from those 300,000 people wandering on the street without any hope or future. The worse thing is that some homeless children are taken to some Islam teachers or ethnical witches. Some of their parents think by giving their children to the mosque or witches, they can be richer because that is how they can give joy to their god.

However, in contrary to their expectations, the Islam teachers and the witches sweat the children by making them beg for money on the street.

"These homeless children need prayers from the fellow Christians around the world. Their needs will be filled when the world pays attention to them," he said.