Orthodox Believers Attack a Pentecostal Church in Georgia

( [email protected] ) Jun 27, 2003 12:43 PM EDT

A Pentecostal church in Georgia, affiliated from the former Soviet Union, is having a risky worship service because of the threats from the Orthodox church. According to the international news, an anonymous orthodox militia attacked a youth group having a Sunday service in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. They were confined in the church for 7 hours. At the same time, a baptist church in Acalsopeli, eastern Kabareli was attacked and burnt donw by anonymous insurgents, predicted to be from Georgia Orthodox church. The confined woman Bera Kaluski, the wife of the minister in the Pentecostal church in Tbilisi said "at that time, insurgents with 12 cars attacked th church, beating children, the elders and even a pregnant woman."

Meanwhile, the local police found the attack was planned by a bishop named "David" of Georgia Orthodox church. However the police concluded this was an accidental event and the Orthodox believers have rights to protest against other religions which have different faith.