Christian Publishers Release Book Based on Samurai Code

( [email protected] ) Jun 21, 2007 06:19 AM EDT

As Japanese pop-culture finds growing acceptance in U.S. culture, a publishing house released a Christian book based on the bushido-code.

Released by R.A.G.E. media, "The Way of the Christian Samurai: Reflections for Servant Warriors of Christ" uses notes, essays, and books written by real samurai from Japan's feudal period.

The book, by Christian author Paul Nowak, ties the advice of the ancient warriors with Christian scriptures.

"The samurai, whose very title means 'one who serves,' were skillful warriors of feudal Japan who devoted themselves fully to the service of their masters, willing even to sacrifice their lives in service to their lord," stated the publisher's press-release, Thursday.

"Christians are also called by their Lord, Jesus, to take up their cross and follow Him, and to seek to lose their life for His sake (Matthew 16:24-25)."

Amongst the many advices offered in the book include ways to overcome fear, giving counsel to others, serving one's Lord and self-sacrifice in ministry.

Also included are guides for pastors and spiritual leaders looking for anecdotes that illustrate Biblical ideals to minister to Japanese anime and manga fans.

The book is currently available at major online booksellers including and