Senior CCCOWE Elder Remembered for Living Faithful Life

( [email protected] ) Jul 19, 2007 10:19 AM EDT
TAIPEI - Senior CCCOWE fellow Elder Gloria Ting passed away in Japan, Jun. 9, and  Chinese Christians in Taiwan and Japan pay tribute to her faithful life in Christ.
Elder Gloria Ting (Photo: The Gospel Herald)

TAIPEI - Senior CCCOWE fellow Elder Gloria Ting passed away in Japan on June 9, while Chinese Christians in Taiwan and Japan paid tribute to her faithful life in Christ.

In life, Elder Ting was affectionately called "Mama Ting," because of her devotion in ministering to Chinese students studying in Japan.

With her husband, Elder Ting looked after the needs of the students, many of whom become public figures such as the CEO of the well-known Taiwan restaurant DinTaiFung as well as some Taiwanese artists.

Not only was Elder Ting passionate in youth ministry, but she also actively participated in world mission. She served as chairman of the board of elders and deacons in the Tokyo International Church.

To the final days of here life, she remained faithful to her ministry, showing a good example by dedicating her entire life to the Lord.

As Elder Ting is one of the more senior CCCOWE members alongside Rev. Thomas Wang, Rev. Moses Yu and Rev. Hay-Chun Maak amongst other CCCOWE leaders expressed great sorrow for her death. A special committee was organized to help Elder Ting’s family prepare for her funeral.

In memory of Elder Ting’s contribution to CCCOWE, CCCOWE paid tribute to Elder Ting by posting a 17-minute video, which contained her personal testimony on the second CCCOWE women’s mission conference in 2005.

Before her passing at age 91, Elder Ting was the oldest alumni of the China Evangelical Seminary’s extension in Tokyo. One of her former professors testified that Elder Ting was very diligent and smart. Even though she was much older than her fellow classmates, she was very sharp with speaking and thinking.

Though Elder Gloria Ting’s funeral was held in Tokyo on Jun. 13, a memorial service is scheduled for Jul. 14 at the Tokyo International Church. A memorial service in Taiwan will also be held Jul. 21 at Taipei Grace Church.