Gospel for Asia Missionaries Face Persecution in India

( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2007 06:50 AM EDT

A call for prayer has gone out after Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries came under harassment recently from local anti-Christian extremists in Madhya Pradesh in India.

GFA missionary Sumat Yadav and his church were told to stop worshipping by police and extremists who entered the church on 17 June, GFA reveals.

The same extremists who accompanied the police had previously approached a GFA ladies’ team to ask if they were trying to convert people to Christ.

When the ladies revealed that they were trying to convert locals, the extremists demanded that the church stop worshipping.

Extremists came the following day to the women’s missionary house brandishing sticks and attempting to enter the premises.

Although they were unable to get inside the building, they threatened the women, prompting them to leave the area for a safer place.

Pastor Sumat lodged a complaint with local police after he also became the victim of threats from the same people. The police responded positively to the complaint, GFA said, and the persecution against the church has since halted.

GFA asked Christians to pray for GFA missionaries and believers in Madhya Pradesh, and also the GFA ladies’ teams who continue to minister to the unchurched across Asia.