Indonesia Passed Evil Laws of Religions

( [email protected] ) Jun 27, 2003 12:43 PM EDT

The new ducation related law which allows Islamic religious teachers to all Christian schools, including Catholics, passed the Indonesia National Assembly on June 17. Hence all Christian educational institutes including Sunday schools have no chance to get out of the strong influence of Islam.

According to the local missionaries, the Christian leaders in Indonesia have declared this kind of law is illegal and asked churches and missions organizations to fast and pray so that the law would not be implemented. Also they have had negotiations with officials of the government.

Originally this religion related law was to be passed on 10 but the vigorous protests and repulsion of Christians and some college students have made it postponed 3 times. The law was passed excluding the construction of the Mosque in Christian schools and now is waiting for the final check from the president. The Christian missionaries said the government officials are deeply intervened to the plot which is to make Indonesia a Islamic country.

At present, the basic constitution of Indonesia clearly states that all people have a religious freedom and on any account the religious acitivities cannot be disturbed. Also Indonesians mandatorily have their own religion and their religions should be written on their identification cards. However the effort of islamizing the nation has continuously existed in many different kinds of situation. For example, the Islam groups, Yamisa and Amalillah try to convert Christians into Muslims by money and even by forcing Christian women to marry Muslims.

The missionaries forsigted that "the establishment of this evil law will surely afflict Christians and bring religious conflicts in Irian Jaya, Sumatra, Sulawesi and so on."

"Also it will influence Christian students if various Islamic official events opens in Christian schools," they added.