Rev. Stephen Tong to Preach Next Month in Toronoto, Canada

( [email protected] ) Aug 27, 2007 08:10 AM EDT

VANCOUVER - Rev. Stephen Tong, will preach at an evangelistic rally to be held in two locations in the Canadian-city of Toronto.

Rev. Tong will be the feature speaker for the “Who is Christ” rally at Scarborough Chinese Alliance church, Sept. 13 thru 14, and the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Sept. 15 thru 16.

The reverend is one of three Tong brothers, famed for their groundbreaking work as church-planters and preachers in the overseas Chinese Christian community worldwide for the past 50 years.

A prominent Christian conductor, Dr. Wangjie Lin, will lead mass choir throughout the event.

According to event organizers, the Steinway Piano Company generously lent to the conference a world class grand piano.

Life of Faith

Rev. Stephen Tong began his journey in faith at the age of 17, when he devoted his life to ministering to churches and teaching as a seminarian.

The 67-year-old preacher evangelist continues to travel all over the world to lead conferences, festivals and seminars – despite suffering from chronic medical disorders.

Emphasizing the growing urgency China missions and world outreach, Rev. Tong frequently quotes the epitaph written on John Wesley’s tombstone, “God buries his servants but he continues working.”

“God does not rely on you nor me, when you consider yourself as the support of the church or that without you the church cannot continue then that is when you should stop working,” Rev. Tong was quoted to have said, according to Gospel Herald.

The sponsors for the upcoming event include the Canadian-office of CCCOWE – the largest overseas Chinese evangelical organization – and the Toronto Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Center.

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Editor's Note: Gospel Herald Reporter Claudia Cheng contributed to this article.