Rev. Stephen Tong’s Canada Outreach Features Exposition of the Gospel of John

( [email protected] ) Sep 19, 2007 08:33 AM EDT
TORONTO- A four-day evangelistic rally hosted by Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministry International was closed in Canada featuring the famous preacher’s exposition of the Gospel of John.
Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministry International presented a gift to Rev. Stephen Tong (right three) on the last day of the Evangelistic Rally in Canada. Photo: STEMI

TORONTO - World-renowned preacher Stephen Tong of the Evangelistic Ministry International hosted a four-day evangelistic event, which featured his exposition on the Gospel of John.

Speaking from Sept. 13 thru Sept. 16, Rev. Stephen Tong delivered his exposition under the theme "Who is Christ" at the Prayer Palace and Metro Toronto Ceter.

Citing the scripture from the Gospel of John, Chapter 1, Rev. Tong focused on messages regarding God’s creation and existence.

"Though many atheists claim that there is no God all their lives, most of them have no choice but to admit there is a real God on this world as they approach the end of their lives," said Rev. Tong, who also mentioned that several influential people in history have having acknowledged this as fact.

The Indonesian Reformed evangelist added that God’s existence cannot be proved by human intelligence since God has been revealed to all men through His creation on earth.

Communist leader Mao Zhe-Dong, he pointed out, was convinced that "Man can win over God."

Nonetheless, nearing death in 1976, Mao reportedly said at least on two occassions to his closest American ally Edgar Snow that "soon I will go to see Him."

"Therefore, atheism doesn’t exist for God has already revealed himself in the heart of men," Rev. Tong concluded.

Why Man Can't See God

Rev. Tong, later asked audiences the reason why man cannot see God?

"Man needs a light, and only the light of the truth from the word of God will be able to wake up their spirit," he explained.

The veteran preacher emphasized that the symbolism of human life in traditional Chinese culture is very similar to the Greek philosophy.

It is often noted by Chinese scholars that Chinese acknowledge the importance of "light" in human life and that Man should become a "light" to enlighten others even after death.

"That light is not about the physical one that we can see, but it refers to the light from the Lord, which can reveal the truth to us," Rev. Tong continued, mentioning a story of ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes.

Diogenes pursued the "light" and the "truth" throughout his life. He was known to have carried a lantern even during the day, and insisted to sleep under wooden bucket ring with lanterns that faces the sun.

"In order to know God, man must receive the light that comes from the God," Rev. Tong concluded.

"Jesus is that light and he is the true light."

Stephen Tong will hold another "Who is Christ" evangelistic outreach in the United States on Sept. 21-23 at Immanuel’s Church, Silver Spring, MD.

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[Editor's note: Claudia Cheng from San Francisco translated the article.]