Gospel Believers increase in the former USSR

( [email protected] ) Jul 03, 2003 04:03 AM EDT

The Gospel continues to change the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Christian Aid reported. Slavik Radchuk, Christian Aid's field director of the former Soviet Union said "tremendous responses from people who've listen to the word continue to increase. I preach the gospel of Christ to hundreds of people in Ukraine."

As a native of Ukraine, Slavik was educated in Russian which is the official language of all Soviet states in those days. Therefore it helps him to preach in the former Soviet Union nations. In March and April he preached at evangelistic meetings in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. "There were hundreds of people who sought to listen to the gospel. they accepted Christ that gratitude," he said.

He has done many campaigns as 40 evangelistic campaigns with more than 300,000 attendants. Also he established a daily radio and a weekly television broadcast which can reach about 100 million people. In a lot of areas, there is no broadcast except Salvik's which helps him to evangelize people without any disturbances. He nowadays receives 5000 to 8000 letters per week from his listeners and viewers of Russian speaking countries. Mostly they request Christian literature and confess their faith, accepting Jesus as their Christ.

Christian Aid also provides them Bibles and guide books which can help new believers to keep their faith in right way. Christian Aid's native missionaries pioneered 400 new churches in the former USSR during the past year.