The Gospel for China Conference 2007 Challenges Believers for World Mission

Preach “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”
( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2007 05:14 AM EST

Hong Kong, China -- As the opening of the Gospel for China Conference 2007 approaches closer, the conference’s preparation work is becoming much more urgent, but still progressing in an orderly fashion.

The conference’s main coordinating party, Christian Life Quarterly, recently responded to the questions of believers and announced the two objectives of this conference.

First, it is to proclaim the truth of the gospel, “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.”

Through the information given at the conference, may the Holy Spirit call upon the churches to “Return to the Cross”, walk the path of the cross, build the church upon the foundation of the truth of the cross, help the church to unite in truth of the cross; allow the church to become the “light of the world” in the midst of the rebellious generation and build the “city on the hill” to boldly testify for the Lord.

Second, commemorate the 200th anniversary of Robert Morrison entering China (Protestant Church entered China) --- “Today’s Chinese churches are the fruits bore through the sacrifices of the early day missionaries, who scattered the seeds of the gospel.

For 200 years, Chinese churches have received too much grace from God; we hope that we can not only receive God’s grace, but we need to repay this great love of God; we need to “receive the gospel, proclaim the gospel”, walk into world missions stage, participate in world mission movement.

An estimate of 3,500 people from all around the world will participate in this conference. The key speakers include Dr. Don. A. Carson, Mr. Samuel Lamb, Mr. Joseph Li, Dr. Kai-yum Cheung Teng, Rev. Stephen Chan, Rev. Jamie Hudson Taylor IV, Rev. Yujian Hong, Rev. Paul Kong, Rev. Jonathan Chiu, and Rev. Pine Wang.

To view the introduction of each speakers, please visit this link: Gospel for China conference 2007 - Speaker's Introduction

[Editor's note: Carol Yu from Hong Kong contributed to this article.]