How Powerful Is God?

( [email protected] ) Nov 12, 2007 04:06 AM EST

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

The 4 1/2 million-pound spaceship Columbia blasted off with a long fiery tail. Two minutes later, it had reached an altitude of 23 miles. It circled the globe at 17,000 miles per hour. Imagine the power that it took to push that huge rocket through space at that speed!

Did you know God is more powerful than that? The Bible says, "The Lord is . . . great in power . . ." (Nahum 1:3). He made the heavens and Earth. God spoke and it was there! He is almighty. He rules over all nations. God's power has no limits. He can make anything happen.

The Bible tells about Abraham and Sarah. God promised them that they would have many children, but no children were born. One day, God sent an angel to Abraham when he and Sarah were almost 100 years old. The angel told him that the following year Sarah would have a son. That was impossible! When Sarah laughed, the angel said, "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" (Genesis 18:14). Sure enough, Sarah had a son! Because God is all-powerful, He could make this impossible thing happen. The next time you have a problem, remember that God is very powerful and wants to help you.

Used with permission.