Chinese Broadcaster Announced Mission Opportunities in China's Rapid Growing Economy

( [email protected] ) Nov 30, 2007 08:47 AM EST

Despite China's growing economic prowess, the Chinese in mainland still falls behind in their spirituality. Through many years of broadcasting gospel messages to the people in mainland, Rev. Bingzhao Lu, executive director of Hong Kong Far East Broadcasting Company, identified the needs and opportunities in China mission on Nov. 26 in Sydney, Australia.

Although the believers in China are increasing rapidly, only 18 seminaries are providing theological training in the whole country. The shortage in training resources reveals the low quality of churches in China. The ministers need training; churches need more education and organization; believers from villages are falling away; believers from the city have many needs.

In 1990, the average age of believers decreased by 7 years from an average of 15-25 years old. Although the estimated number of Christians in China is around 80 million people, the average age group is between 3-4 years old.

In addition to providing spiritual guidance, marriage counseling is essential to help married couples deal with marriage problems.

Not only is training essential, but recruitment of leaders is also important.

If we use the ratio of one minister for every hundred people, then China needs approximately 400,000 ministers according to the current number of believers.

The missionaries who conducts mission through small businesses are called Bissionaries. Christians can also participate in social services, which reveals their sincerity and selflessness.